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    Life Insurance

    Non medical Life Insurance plan

    Permanent Insurance

    Whole life Insurance

    Universal Insurance 

    Disability Insurance

    Critical Illness Insurance

    Super Visa Insurance

    Health and Dental plans

    Visitor Insurance 

    Travel Insurance

    Kids Insurance

    Funeral and concierge Services Insurance plans

    Seniors Insurance plan

    Mortgage - referral 

    Home and Auto Insurance - referral

    Debt Consolidation and restructuring - referral


    We can help in following:

    - Segregated funds

    - Guaranteed Investments - Maturity guarantee and Death benefit

    - RRSP - Registered Retirement Savings Plan

    - TFSA - Tax Free Savings Account

    - Annuity 

    - RESP- Registered Education Savings Plan

    - No obligation portfolio review,

    - Maturity Guarantee and Death benefit

    - Principal Guarantee

    - Secured from Creditors

    - Save Probate Fee

     Upon death beneficiary gets funds in 5-10 days!

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