• Income Tax Returns

  • Instant Cash Refund

    You will instantly receive 85% of the first $300, and 95% of the remaining balance. The cost to you is simply deducted from your cheque so that you do not need money to file your return.



    Tax Preparation by EFILE (Year Round)

    Our Tax Specialists will prepare your personal, rental and business tax returns and Efile it directly to the Canada Revenue Agency. You will receive your Tax Assessment within two weeks.



    Adjustments/ Late Returns

    We will review your prior year returns at no charge, verify that you've taken advantage of all possible tax breaks and deductions. If you are a senior that owns a home, you may qualify for the Ontario Senior Home Property Tax Grant (OSHPTG) which is a grant of up to $250 for 2009 and $500 for tax years 2010 and later. 

    Adjustments and non-filed returns will be assessed as necessary. We will also correspond with Canada Revenue Agency on your part as necessary. 


    Self Employed Return

    Return for a self employed tax payer who has an unincorporated business and has self-employment income and business expenses. Bookkeeping charges are not included in the price. Includes the preparation of HST return, as well as medical, RRSP, tuition childcare and does not include any assistance with any subsequent requests from the Canada Revenue Agency.

    T1 - Personal Income Tax Return 

    T2 - Corporate Tax Return

    Self Employment Tax Return

    GST/HST Applications

    GST/HST Home Buyers Rebate

    Tax returns for deceased taxpayers

    Real Estate Taxation

    Tax Return for non-residents and new immigrants in Canada

    New immigrant tax issues and questions